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HEPA Air Filtration system

The 3-stage filtration cartridge is contained and protected in a durable steel box. In stage-one, a foam pre-filter captures large particulate matter. In the second stage, the HEPA filter traps more of the harmful and irritating particulate like pet dander, pollen and smoke. Finally, in the third stage, the activated carbon adsorbs chemical or gas-based pollutants. 

The filters are easy to access and change. Once locked into place, the filter is completely sealed, ensuring that no polluted air escapes from the box. The baked thermostat powder finish on the box itself provides a durable, long-lasting housing that will not off-gas chemicals, providing truly clean air to the surrounding environment. 

Though continuous operation is recommended for optimal indoor air quality, this unit does feature an illuminated on/off switch. 

There is an optional VOC filter upgrade available for this unit.


Features & Benefits:

• No effect on AC blower
• Insulated cabinets for whisper quiet operation
• Low maintenance, HEPA cartridges can last up to five years depending on the environment being filtered
• Energy efficient due to effective design and quality motors
• Our Microcon filtration systems are constructed out of durable steel and finished with baked on powder coat paint
• Environmentally friendly
• VOC Canister contain carbon with 1,705,000 m2 of absorbent surface area for capturing chemicals

Ecobee 4

The new voice-enabled smart thermostat with Room Sensor™

Includes a Room Sensor™ to help manage hot or cold spots

Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa

Ask to adjust the temperature, read the news, and more


Meet the new ecobee4 smart thermostat with built-in Alexa Voice Service and a room sensor. Keep a bit of control no matter how crazy home life gets. End the chaos!

How important is the correct filter?

If you don’t think having the right filter matters, you are wrong....

Whether it changes the static and shuts down your system, or the filter is too thin and gets stuck in your blower or extra space allows for vermin to get in - these all can impact and destroy your valuable hvac system!

Having the correct filter for your system and changing it regularly is one of the easiest things you can do as a homeowner to increase the longevity and performance of your heating and cooling system! Plus a clean filter also help for a healthy house.

Take our word for it! We sell filters for a living and was short the correct size and put in what we had. Well, that left an opening for a varmint to get in and mess up our office’s hvac equipment.

Glasfloss - Puracell II P & PH

The Glasfloss Puracell II P & PH 4” Plastic Frame Mini-Pleat Series is designed for use in applications where a high degree of efficiency is required in a 4″ deep filter. The Puracell II P & PH Series combines state-of-the-art mini-pleat construction techniques with superior reliability to offer maximum value for commercial and industrial applications.  

Additionally, the Puracell II P & PH Series offers unique advantages over the traditional 12″ rigid box filter including lower freight costs, reduced storage area requirements and less impact on landfills. The Glasfloss Puracell II P & PH comes in a variety of standard sizes and efficiencies.

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Spectroline - The Experts in Leak Detection.....
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 7.40.17 AM.png


Complete EZ-Ject™ Kit

This kit is ideal for locating fluid leaks in small to medium sized AC&R systems. The EZ-Ject injector easily overcomes system pressure. Add fluorescent dye with system off or running. Works in all AC&R systems, including high-pressure R-410a systems. Each kit features the:

  • EZ-50 EZ-Ject™ dye injection system which works on all AC&R systems including high-pressure R-410a systems
  • Versatile, multi-dose EZ-Ject™ cartridge
  • OPX-400 OPTIMAX™ 400 economical, cordless, battery operated, violet light LED leak detection flashlight



Air Handling – Duct Wrap

Quietflex® Brand Duct Wrap is a foil faced fiberglass bonded with thermosetting resin. FSK facing is applied during the manufacturing process to insure a strong, long lasting bond between the base blanket and the facing.

Quietflex® Brand Duct Wrap is an external insulation for sheet metal ducts in HVAC systems to enhance environmental quality by absorbing unwanted noise within the duct and increasing indoor comfort and energy efficiency by decreasing heat loss or gain through the duct walls. All facings are supplied with a single 2 inch (51mm) stapling tab.

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Flex Duct Acoustical Flexible Air Duct

Quietflex has now put the Quiet in flex duct. QAS™ Acoustical Flex Duct from Quietflex reduces the overall noise associated with your system. By reducing the noise transmitted through the duct from the HVAC unit along with the noise generated by the air flow QAS™ Acoustical Flex Duct reduces the noise coming out of the register. The key technology is the perforated inner core which allows the noise to be absorbed by the thermal insulation. In addition, QAS features Johns Manville formaldehyde-free™ insulation which reduces the risk of formaldehyde exposure.

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Disposable Panel Filters (GDS & PTA Series)

The Glasfloss GDS disposable panel filter features an innovative, reinforced, “double strut” construction for excellent durability and performance in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.  The design provides 10% greater open media area than traditional metal grill filters and offers excellent dust holding capacity.  In addition, the design allows for easier disposal, eliminates sharp edges for safer handling and reduces carton weight for lower shipping costs.  The  GDS disposable panel filter is available in 1″ and 2″ depths in many standard sizes.

The Glasfloss PTA series disposable panel filter has set the standard for quality and durability. This rigidly constructed air filter maintains its integrity where  others fall short. Always the highest quality, Glasfloss disposable panel filters have metal grids on both the air entering and air leaving sides.

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