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How To Assemble the Pro-Flex Fitting

Pro-Flex CSST is flexible tubing that is easier to route through new or existing buildings give installers a variety of layout options.

Unlike rigid pipe, Pro-Flex CSST is flexible tubing that is easier to route through new or existing buildings.

In addition to being easier to install, the new Flak Jacket Arc-Resistant CSST flexible tubing provides protection by dissipating electricity.

ProFlex CSST system provides a wide range of products and accessories.

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Williams High Efficiency Products


A low profile furnace that may be installed nearly anywhere.  Great for homes, apartments, offices, garages and room additions.  Natural and Propane models. 7,400 & 17,700 Btu/hr.

Design Features

  • Efficiency Ratings:

    • 7,400 Btu/hr. Series: 72% Thermal Efficiency

    • 17,700 Btu/hr. Series: 81% Thermal Efficiency

  • Natural and propane gas models

  • Easy installation — all vent material included

  • Attractive, durable fresh-white finish

  • Natural and propane models

  • Unique wall-mount design frees up floor space

  • Small, low-profile vent size

  • Sealed-combustion safety technology uses no inside room air for operation


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These Wipes Are AMAZING!!!!!

BOSS® 893 Dual Side Abrasive Wipes

  • Specially formulated hand wipes designed to quickly and easily remove oil, grease, grime and stains without damaging the skin.

  • Pre-moistened

  • Removes marker ink, paints, grease, oil, dirt, adhesives and sealants

  • Not harmful to skin Ideal for most hard surfaces including: painted walls, tools, work surfaces, signs, siding and bathroom partitions


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Up until the 1950’s most rubber mountings were designed to take the load in shear. Mountings were circular or sold in long strips, so the capacity could be controlled by size and durometer, or durometer and the cut off length.

Shear loading curves are straight line similar to steel springs. The deflection can be used directly in the frequency equation after dynamic stiffness correction. Unfortunately, shear mountings could and did fail because of bond failure between the rubber and metal. When overloaded, the mountings would bottom out. Compression mountings are less expensive for a given capacity and when overloaded, there is still a cushion. When loaded conservatively, the load deflection curve is similar to the straight line shear.

The general configuration of our N mountings was known, but all mountings were manufactured as at the right and seldom taller than 1”. Both the base plate and the upper tapped washer were exposed and they corroded. As foolish as it seems now, we cemented a rubber pad to the baseplate to provide friction. Since greater efficiency can only be accomplished by increasing deflection, when double deflection was needed, two mountings were bolted together. This was another makeshift arrangement.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 8.17.39 AM.png

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Why be like everyone else? Be better!!!!

AC- CoverGuard…. The Better Option!

What if one line set cover system worked for every sized job? Our adjustable line hide system ranges from two inches to four inches, Cover Guard is the right size for the job almost every time to hide pipes. Cover Guard fittings are paintable and weather-resistant, with a peel-away film on every channel component that can be removed for a perfectly clean install.

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Arga™ by Jacuzzi: the worlds first Swirlpool™ bath

Time and water have much more in common than expected - they both flow in harmony within the universe of Arga™, the revolutionary Jacuzzi® experience intended to redefine the world of personal wellness. Swirlpool technology™, emulates an enveloping, heartfelt embrace, or that of full immersion in a silent creek, all while deeply connected with nature.

Thanks to the delicate swirls created by the coloured water jets, the near silent operation and the constant bath water temperature, the Arga™ experience becomes a multi-sensory and fully immersive experience. Arga™ delivers a design that is both fluid and minimal to complement the gentle, soft and enveloping Swirlpool™ bathing experience. Different styles of installation ensure Arga™ is adaptable to any bathroom environment whilst the design offers a warm, oval, reassuring shape - an ancestral nest, of sorts - born to eliminate the perception of time and lull the bather with swirls of water and integrated jet lighting.

The Arga™ bath invites you to slowly embrace every single moment of wellness with the addition of bath salts. These specially-formulated salts are 100% natural, reflecting a biological philosophy that respects the water by keeping it pure and the integrated bath infuser eliminates the need to mix the salts by hand and naturally infuses the water without any suspended residue. With Arga™ every single moment has special value: welcome.

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Want to fix your own HVAC - It may be illegal....

13 Home Improvements That Are Illegal to DIY

Repairing or replacing an HVAC system is risky. While it may be tempting to fix it yourself, it’s probably best if you don’t. Freon leaks are dangerous, causing dizziness, asphyxia, and other respiratory problems. Air conditioning and heating maintenance calls for a licensed professional who has undergone a rigorous training and certification process. Plus, a manufacturer may void your warranty if you, a homeowner without appropriate licensing, were to work on the system.

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Insuguard Easy-to-Install Pipe Saddles and Shield

Armacell's Insuguard®, Insuguard® Multi and its family of accessories protect piping and insulation from damage caused by pipe expansion and contraction. Allowing pipe movement within the support system minimizes maintenance or repairs and reduces energy loss. Perfect for plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration applications, our pipe saddles adapt to strut, H-beam, I-beam, floor-mount, steel angle and Clevis hangers.

  • Prevents rotation or displacement of saddles and damage to insulation
  • Solutions for all types and sizes of suspension systems
  • Quick and tool-free – installs with one click in seconds!

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UEi Hub

UEi Test Instruments proudly introduces the latest in Wireless Refrigeration Probes, with three new kits known as the HUB.

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HEPA Air Filtration system

The 3-stage filtration cartridge is contained and protected in a durable steel box. In stage-one, a foam pre-filter captures large particulate matter. In the second stage, the HEPA filter traps more of the harmful and irritating particulate like pet dander, pollen and smoke. Finally, in the third stage, the activated carbon adsorbs chemical or gas-based pollutants. 

The filters are easy to access and change. Once locked into place, the filter is completely sealed, ensuring that no polluted air escapes from the box. The baked thermostat powder finish on the box itself provides a durable, long-lasting housing that will not off-gas chemicals, providing truly clean air to the surrounding environment. 

Though continuous operation is recommended for optimal indoor air quality, this unit does feature an illuminated on/off switch. 

There is an optional VOC filter upgrade available for this unit.


Features & Benefits:

• No effect on AC blower
• Insulated cabinets for whisper quiet operation
• Low maintenance, HEPA cartridges can last up to five years depending on the environment being filtered
• Energy efficient due to effective design and quality motors
• Our Microcon filtration systems are constructed out of durable steel and finished with baked on powder coat paint
• Environmentally friendly
• VOC Canister contain carbon with 1,705,000 m2 of absorbent surface area for capturing chemicals

The REME Halo - Cleaning air & reducing spread of illness....

Did you know that most people spend more than 90% of their time indoors and that indoor air is often 10 times and sometimes even up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air?
Take control of your indoor air quality (IAQ) now by reducing pollutants that can contribute to headache, fatigue, lung irritation and foul odors.

Help your home fight mold, germs, volatile organic compounds, odors and reduce airborne particles by choosing one of RGF’s Air Purification Systems that best fits your needs. RGF’s award winning line of induct and stand alone air purifiers featuring REME® and PHI-cell® technology produce hydro-peroxides (H2O2), which are proven safe and effective at cleansing the air in your home.

Ecobee 4

The new voice-enabled smart thermostat with Room Sensor™

Includes a Room Sensor™ to help manage hot or cold spots

Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa

Ask to adjust the temperature, read the news, and more


Meet the new ecobee4 smart thermostat with built-in Alexa Voice Service and a room sensor. Keep a bit of control no matter how crazy home life gets. End the chaos!

Check Out The HUB from UEi....

Great NEW HVAC/R Tool….

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.28.44 PM.png

Wireless Hygrometer

The WHP1 displays temperature split and psychrometric calculations on the “Air Side” screen in the App. The WHP1 features the thinnest probe at 1⁄4” diameter, which means smaller drill holes than current probes on the market. The magnetic mount holds the WHP1 onto the plenum placing the probe in optimum position for air stream measurements, no adjustments needed.

Wireless Pressure Probe

WPP1 has a pivoting hinge to allow access to connections in tight spaces. The Pass-through fit- ting allows users to connect directly to the probe without additional adapters for a more efficient work flow, saving money on refrigerant and only bringing out the hoses when they’re needed.

Temperature Pipe Clamp

The WPC1 is a thermistor pipe clamp that plugs into the Pressure probe to send its data to the App. The narrow jaw allows users to get onto narrow pipe lengths, while the over-molded tex- ture provides a secure grip. The unique spring design allows for easier opening and closing with- out compromising it’s grasp of the pipe. The WPC1 is compliant to California’s Title 24 standard.

Solid Connection Setting up probes in the App is quick and easy. Once a probe is assigned to a part of the system, it will automatically reassign that probe each time the App is launched. The latest wireless technology allows up to 150 ft. connectivity range pending environmental conditions and if the connection drops, the probe will automatically reconnect to the App.

UEi HUB App The UEi HUB App shows a system’s Liquid and Suction measurements and tem- perature split and psychrometric calculations in an intuitive easy-to-read display. Users can easily select from over 44 refrigerants as well as add or subtract favorites. Customize views to see basic “Air Side” measurements or all info at once. The user-friendly navigation bar allows users to quickly change units or make altitude compensation adjustments for more accurate air proper- ty readings at higher altitudes. The user-friendly navigation bar allows users to quickly change units, reassign probes or get support from the manual, web support or UEI’s customer service.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.28.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.29.03 PM.png
  • In App temperature split and psychrometric calculations

  • In App system refrigerant charging calculations

  • Pass through refrigerant ports for easily adding or recovering refrigerant from the system without disconnecting probes

  • 180˚ rotation for easy use in cramped spaces

  • Slimmest 1/4 inch hygrometer probe means smaller drill holes

  • Narrow pipe clamp jaw allows users to get into narrow pipe lengths

  • Wireless range: 150' (50m) pending environment

  • Requires FREE App "UEi HUB"

  • iOS® and Android compatible™

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