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How important is the correct filter?

If you don’t think having the right filter matters, you are wrong....

Whether it changes the static and shuts down your system, or the filter is too thin and gets stuck in your blower or extra space allows for vermin to get in - these all can impact and destroy your valuable hvac system!

Having the correct filter for your system and changing it regularly is one of the easiest things you can do as a homeowner to increase the longevity and performance of your heating and cooling system! Plus a clean filter also help for a healthy house.

Take our word for it! We sell filters for a living and was short the correct size and put in what we had. Well, that left an opening for a varmint to get in and mess up our office’s hvac equipment.

Spot the danger signs of CO

You’ll be able to spot existing and potential CO dangers by recognizing these tell-tale signs:

  • Staining, sooting, or discolouration around the appliance

  • Appliances that burn slowly or have orange or “floppy” flames, or that go out unexpectedly 

  • A yellow or orange flame; it should be blue

  • Condensation or dampness on walls or windows in the room after the appliance is lit

  • A strange smell when the appliance is on

  • Rusting or water streaking on an appliance cabinet, vent, or chimney

  • Loose or disconnected vent/chimney connections or guards

  • Smouldering BBQs 

  • Crumbling or damaged masonry in chimneys, excess smoking from a wood or coal fire, or a room filling with smoke from an open fire or wood burner

Avoid the following:

  • Using camp lanterns and stoves inside tents or caravans without adequate ventilation

  • Using generators or BBQs indoors or close to windows or ventilation units

  • Drying clothes on appliances in a way that blocks ventilation or air flow

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Busy IHACI Show

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This is a great High School Idea!!!

'Signing Day' recognizes high school seniors starting jobs, not college

One school system in Virginia wanted to celebrate a different life-changing moment for the seniors who were starting careers right after graduation. In Henrico County, public school administrators held a ceremony in late March called "Career and Technical Letter-of-Intent Signing Day."

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Great Career

Another great one to pass on! #tradeschools #trades #thetrades #hvac #plumbing #electrical #electrician #plumber #tech #nodebt #career

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New WIDE WIDTH AP Armaflex® FS Duct Liner and Wrap

Armacell is now making our closed cell, fiber free AP Armaflex® FS and AP Armaflex FS SA Duct Liner and Wrap insulation in 1-1/2" thickness in wider width 56-1/4", 59" and 60" rolls. Meet R-6 code requirements while saving time and labor with easy-to-install matching widths that eliminate the need to splice 48" material to into longer ducts. All of this with the same great thermal performance, noise absorption and condensation control you have come to expect from AP Armaflex, but now in a width and thickness that provides the R-6 value needed for duct liners and wraps.

  • New 60" width aligns with common lengths of sheet metal ducts
  • Save time with insulation rolls that perfectly match duct sizes
  • Reduce scrap and waste from cutting and piecing undersized rolls
  • Saves energy with an R-value of 6 that is required by codes
  • 25/50 rated, all sizes and thicknesses
  • AP Armaflex FS and AP Armaflex FS SA Self-Adhering duct liner are available made-to-order
  • Contact your sales rep for lead times 


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Great paying jobs....

Saw this one on instagram & had to share.... thanks for posting @hvac_refer_guy - so much opportunity out there.... #trades #hvac #refrigeration #career #jobs #money #plumbing #electric #refrigeration #hvacr #future #electrician #construction #work #thetrades#tech #technicians #nodebt #opportunity


 so true....

so true....

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Glasfloss - Puracell II P & PH

The Glasfloss Puracell II P & PH 4” Plastic Frame Mini-Pleat Series is designed for use in applications where a high degree of efficiency is required in a 4″ deep filter. The Puracell II P & PH Series combines state-of-the-art mini-pleat construction techniques with superior reliability to offer maximum value for commercial and industrial applications.  

Additionally, the Puracell II P & PH Series offers unique advantages over the traditional 12″ rigid box filter including lower freight costs, reduced storage area requirements and less impact on landfills. The Glasfloss Puracell II P & PH comes in a variety of standard sizes and efficiencies.

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