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Why be like everyone else? Be better!!!!

AC- CoverGuard…. The Better Option!

What if one line set cover system worked for every sized job? Our adjustable line hide system ranges from two inches to four inches, Cover Guard is the right size for the job almost every time to hide pipes. Cover Guard fittings are paintable and weather-resistant, with a peel-away film on every channel component that can be removed for a perfectly clean install.

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Spectroline - The Experts in Leak Detection.....
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Complete EZ-Ject™ Kit

This kit is ideal for locating fluid leaks in small to medium sized AC&R systems. The EZ-Ject injector easily overcomes system pressure. Add fluorescent dye with system off or running. Works in all AC&R systems, including high-pressure R-410a systems. Each kit features the:

  • EZ-50 EZ-Ject™ dye injection system which works on all AC&R systems including high-pressure R-410a systems
  • Versatile, multi-dose EZ-Ject™ cartridge
  • OPX-400 OPTIMAX™ 400 economical, cordless, battery operated, violet light LED leak detection flashlight