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Delta Breez Ventilation Systems

A new bathroom ventilation solution for the green generation. The new Delta Breez Ventilation Fans deliver an aesthetically pleasing ventilation solution that consumes less power and operates more quietly than most AC motor products in the market.

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Delta Breez Signature Series with Humidity Sensor

10 Key Points About Delta Breez:

1. Complete line -  Builder. Signature & Slim Series
2. Great, Great Attention to Quality
3. Great Price
4. Strong well established company
6. All DC Brushless motors
7. All Energy Star Rated
8. Engineered to run continuously for 70,000 hours, or 8 years
9. Have soft start and lock protection functions
10. They ship out of their U.S. headquarters in California

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Sil-Fos® Brazing Rings Demo

Lucas-Milhaupt Sil-Fos® Rings for brazing copper tubular components. Braze™ rings are easy to use, minimize waste, and provide visual verification of a complete, sound braze joint.

Build Products Northwest Demo
June 2012 - Portland, Oregon

To use:

  • Clean the areas to be brazed using a wire brush or abrasive paper

  • Insert ring into fitting and insert tube - make sure tube makes contact with ring at bottom

  • Uniformly heat of braze area - Alloy is drawn by capillary action to top of joint providing visual verification of sound braze joint

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