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SAFEFLEX - Safe Expansion Joints From Mason Industries

Safeflex expansion joints are molded and vulcanized in hydraulic presses. This high pressure process produces a smooth finished product with outstanding adhesion between the cover, reinforcement and tube.

Most of our competitors still use Natural Rubber impregnated Nylon tire cord between sulfur cured, EPDM covers and tubes. This construction becomes brittle with age at higher temperatures, so we changed from Nylon to Kevlar®, as Kevlar® has a higher modulus that minimizes swell and elongation, and outstanding temperature tolerance up to 250°F (121°C).

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• All Safeflex Expansion Joints are factory tested to 150% of rated pressure before shipment.

• Kevlar® high temperature tolerance is outstanding.

• Peroxide cured EPDM covers and tubes with Kevlar reinforce ment are superior to sulfur cured EPDM, Natural Rubber, and Neoprene Nylon reinforced bodies at all temperatures.

• Kevlar® reinforcement wrapped around solid steel rings cannot pull through the flanges.

• Sealing pressure is higher using external stops as rotation points.


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