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Helping others pays back 10-fold - - - And, we know from experience.

Quitting a good job in a bad economy & starting a new business might not have been the best idea - But 2 1/2 years later, it’s looking like a pretty good idea.

Very few people helped or even offered to help us when we needed it most and that makes it feel like an even bigger accomplishment. And now that it’s going very well and we’re doing great, it’s easier to look back & say “WOW” as we see what has transpired. But those that did help, made the difference for us. Whether it was advice, giving us a meeting, recommending us to others or whatever time they took to offer help or support it made a difference.

One Great Example That Stands Out:
When we started the new company, without any prompting Jeffrey Gitomer - who I had worked closely with in the past - offered to make a video for us to promote our company. He didn’t ask for any input or anything in return, he just asked for a copy of our logo…… What he did for us was special and helped to launch us off the ground. I don’t know if it helped us get any business or pick up any new lines - but what I do know is it made us feel good and it made us feel like we did the right thing. And, at that time - our lowest point - we needed some confidence and encouragement and his video gave us that!

To the others that believed in us and took a chance on our company - we will forever be appreciative. We can’t thank them enough. They were awesome!

Because we know how important it was for us, we continue to help others even when it doesn’t benefit us. We think that what goes around comes around and we think even though it may not create sales it creates good business.

What things are you doing to help others? How are you making a difference?

Mike McNultyComment