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UEi Combustion Analyser Training....

We conducted several very successful Combustion Analyzer trainings this week.

Thanks to everyone who attended each event.

Attendees for one of our trainings...

C155KIT - Eagle X Xtended Life Combustion Analyzer Kit


Product Functions

Measures: Differential flue temperature, Carbon Dioxide (CO2),
flue & ambient carbon monoxide (CO), & Differential Pressure

Calculates: Oxygen, efficiency, excess air, & CO air free


4 line backlit LCD display

179 memory positions

User customizable parameters view

Individual report printouts

Unique DMM style rotary selector

Protective boot w/integral magnet

Real time clock

CO readings to 1 ppm

Infrared printer port

5 year limited warranty (5 year warranty on sensor)


Product Includes

  • Combustion Analyzer (C155)
  • Infrared Thermal Printer (KMIRP2)
  • Flue Probe (KMCP2)
  • K-Type Temperature Probes 2(ATT29)
  • Static Pressure Hoses 2(SPP)
  • True Draft Probe (TDP)
  • Gas Pressure Probe (GPP)
  • AC Adapter (AACA4)
  • Hard Carrying Case (AC509)
  • Thermal printer paper roll (16646)
  • Particle Filter (17631)
  • Inlet Tube/Probe Connecter (SM11103)
  • Quick start manual
  • Owners guide