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UEi Dual Differential Digital Manometer - EM152

Convenient pressure testing with an easy-to read display, built-in magnet and intuitive interface



Range of -60 to +60 inH2O 

Differential Pressure



Dual input differential measurement up to 80.27 inches of water column within range 

Measures in 11 scales; inH2O, psi, bar, mBar, kPa, inHG, mmHG, ozin, FtH2O, cmH2O and kgcm. 

Magnetic mount 

Auto ranging 

Backlit display 

Data hold 


Zero button 

1-Year limited warranty 



Validate pressures in accordance with equipment manufacturer’s specification for optimal system efficency and safety. 

Measure draft, gas supply, manifold or burner pressures 

Dual input offers users the ability to measure pressure drops across heat exchangers, cooling coils, supply and return registers and filters


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