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Precise Flares, Every Time....

An off-center mounted cone spins on an axis to effectively produce quality flares.

The hilmor Orbital Flare was designed to produce quality flares – again and again. It has an off-center mounted cone that spins on an axis to make sure it uniformly shapes the tube. Plus, it’s equipped with the kind of features you need – a spring-loaded block to firmly grip the tube, a tube-stop arrow for precise height and positioning (goodbye, nickel), and ball detents for easy flaring yoke alignment. It even has a clutch mechanism that stops the flaring when the job is done to eliminate cracking the tube. 

Learn how to make the perfect flare every time with hilmor's Orbital Flare. It's time to retool and conquer.


"Awesome tool, and easy to use. The stop takes the guess work out making a flare."


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