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IMPRESSIVE - The Maxxeon WorkStar 620 Professional Headlamp

This Maxxeon video demonstrates the features of the WorkStar 620 Professional Headlamp and provides operation instructions.

This is another great product from Maxxeon!

NEW! MAXXEON WorkStar® 620 Technician's Headlamp

  • WorkStar® 620 Technician's Headlamp gives you professional hands-free productivity
  • Rugged aluminum alloy casing
  • 3 brightness levels: High - 800 lumens, 2 hour run time, Medium - 400 lumens, 4 hour run time, Low - 200 lumens, 8 hour run time
  • Adjustable 6X zoom lens for flood or spot lighting or anything in between
  • Light head aims forward and pivots down 90 degrees with 4 indent positions
  • Comfortable, adjustable head strap, evenly distributed weight balance
  • Recharges without removing the batteries
  • Includes UL-approved 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz world charger
Mike McNultyComment