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UEi's AK900SC Refrigeration System Analyzer

"It is the most durable manifold set I have found. It does all the functions I need, plus it is water resistant. That is a huge benefit in our market with the rain."

                                   - Service Manager in the Pacific Northwest

Product Features:

  • “Dynamic Offset” bar graph clearly shows modulation of control valves, system behavior and faults
  • Dual temperature probes for automatic superheat and subcool readings
  • Max and min pressure monitoring for control set-up
  • Auto zero key eliminates manual recalibration
  • Detects vacuums in “Hg"
  • Easy to read LCD screen with large digits
  • Upgradable for additional refrigerants
  • Green backlight for clarity and crisp character display in low light conditions.
  • Splash resistant and wide temperature range for indoor & outdoor use; tough case with protective boot resistant to typical oils, acids and sun exposure
  • One year limited warranty

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Mike McNultyComment